Project Log – Final Post

July 3, 2010

Finally the end! boy, summer classes are very intense. I don’t think I want to take another one as I feel I’m just trying to meet the deadline rather then really embrace the task at hand and get into it. Well thats okay because I learned alot in this class! I would have to say it was around the team dynamics rather then writing principles. Thats okay because it was an important lesson to learn. I learned to not have the same expectations of myself upon others. Each of us works differently and can bring to the table great input.

The final paper came out good. I liked it. I did the final editing and plugged in a few more graphical pictures. I’m not really sure that was appropriate for a analytical paper so I’m somewhat concerned we may get points off for that. It did make the paper more interesting though.

I brushed up the conclusion and results just a bit. One of my teammates rewrote the Introduction and I thought she did a great job on the rewrite. I like it so much better.

The methods and research was rewritten and that came out very well also.

I enjoyed this class very much and look forward to pursuing the other courses for the post-baccularate technical communication courses. Thank you Mr. Moore.


Project Log – Week 5

June 27, 2010

This week has been better but still a bit of a challenge. I’m tasked to write the results, conclusion, and the final edit along with submitting the assignment. In the first part of the week I complete my sections and send it to the file exchange to be included in the main document. When I get the document back to do the final revision, the document has been completely changed as far as formatting and its not pretty. So, I have to spend about 2 hours putting it back to the way it was. It seems this happened because one of the team members does not have the same level of software or is using a different type of software to manipulate the document. So, it just caused me an additional two hours of work that wasn’t value added to the document.

The document is coming along but I’m not hearing much from one of our team members. She hasn’t responded much nor do I know what she contributed to last weeks document. I’m hoping she can step up to the plate this week as her portion of the document needs to be rewritten (Introduction).

The course board, Blackboard, is still very troublesome. One of the issues this week was I could upload a document to file exchange but no one could view it. This has just started happeing as in the prior weeks I was able to upload and view with no problems. Hopefully, this issue will get resolved this other or we will have to resort to emailing the document. I wish we would of joined Yahoo Group instead of using Blackboard. I think my next class I’m going to suggest this to any team I participate with.

Week Four – Project Log

June 20, 2010

My first response to this past week is WOW! My team is very engaged and the knowledge I am gaining is awesome…this is why I’m taking this class and I am getting exactly that…

A change from the first week for sure…the first week must of been everyone getting their bearings on the project and the team environment as it started out not as I expected. I am a very proactive person and tend to jump right in. I expected the same from the other team members and when they didn’t rise to my expections I was disappointed. Shame on me…this is something very valuable I have learned about myself and the team environment. I should never have the same expectations as we are all different and come from different perspectives. And this is GOOD! That is exactly what I like is diversity so why did I complain so much…don’t know but I have learned.

Now, for this last week. The engagement has been awesome. The tasks have been divided up where I would be responsible for the “results” and “conclusion” section of the project. I spent at least two hours of reading Cecelias portion of “research and methodology”  and resources to get a better idea of the focus of this document. I will say this, Cecelia is very good at this type of work. I went to all the links she provided and her intrepretations to write the results. I think I did a pretty good job but then Cecelia reviewed it and changed (for the better I might add) about 25% of my original content. I’m a bit disappointed because it didn’t reflect what I wrote originally. 

The time I spend this week on the project is: 

4 hours reseaching Cecelias resours and additional resources.

2 hours formatting and editing the first draft.

4 hours editing the rough draft again

1 hour editing before the final submission in which I am tasked to do tonight.

2 hours of reading chapters 

2 hours of updating Blackboard forum posts

Total hours spent 15 hours 

I did let my team members know that we will be graded on our individual contributions and that we should not change others’ content but to suggest so that we can get accurate feedback from Mr. Moore and learn how we are doing. So, I hope they understand this and not take offense.

After letting the team know this I’m sure next week will allow me to write and submit completely my writing. I am very open to all the suggestions but I want my writing to reflect my writing. Is this a fair statement?

Project Log – Week Three

June 14, 2010

Our weekly team project was to create a protocol for team participation in a memo format. The participation started with team member #1 creating the first draft, team member #2 (me) revised the first draft, and team member #3 edited and proofread the document. It should have ended at this point with the final document ready to submit but I looked at the edited/proof-read document and it was quite different from the revision and with errors. I revised the document again before I felt it was a good final document.

I asked for all team members input about the changes I made and we could discuss if needed. I also asked everyone to approve the final document. I only received input from one team member.

One concern I have is: Are we utilizing the right people with the skill set in the proper role? I’m very organized and structured along with having knowledge in eLearning Design so I may be a better coordinator and editor/proofreader (currently I’m in the revision role). Although this is only for writing projects and its possible the project will be mostly graphical and I am not as skilled in this area. 

We did have a lack of participation from one team member. Again, this is only the beginning of the class but I have expectations on a team and this is not what I expected. Maybe it was just their schedule that did not allow them to get online. I know because last week I had the same issues. This is understandable but I did let everyone know what my schedule was at the beginning of the week and how I would not be participating until a certain day. I expect all team members to do the same as this is how it is done in the business environment.

I’m hoping we will be more aligned and on track with the project and the blackboard (which was very challenging) and collaboration will be better. I’m a bit of a type A person so I can get antsy and then frustrated but I realize this does not make a good team member but at the same time I want to deliver a quality project and on-time.

 I’m excited to learn more about the objective of the main project as I do not really know what it is at this point. I hope everyone participates in a timely manner and we can all discuss and understand what we are learning.

I would like to comment on Blackboard, which is used to manage the online course study. I have been a student of online courses at other universities and community colleges. I have to say for the first time in my course study, I wanted to quit because of Blackboard. I am still debating on continuing after this course just because of the Blackboard course board. I can only say there is not one aspect of this course board that I do like. Sorry ASU, but that is my opinion.